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Vacuum chamber for pharmaceutical plant

Inoxtorres SL
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Vacuum chamber for detect leaks

First vacuum chamber designed, installed and qualified by Inoxtorres SL and RSD Engineering Solutions SL.

This is a customized project for a pharmaceutical client in Spain for which we have adapted the vacuum chamber to their needs and requirements.

The objective of this vacuum chamber is to detect potential leaks in bottles. A certain vacuum is achieved in order to force the liquid solution into going out of the close container (bottles in that case).

This project has been developed using high quality material (Stainless steel) with stringent quality protocols. The characteristics of this vacuum chamber are the following:

• Dimensions: 1.900mm width x 2.600mm depth x 2.000mm high

• Horizontal door with motoreducer

• Instrumentations: sensors like pressure transducer, pressure switches, photocells or limit switches, etc. Scada system installed for supervision.

• Documentations: component technical specifications, CE certificates, material certificates, user manual, hydraulic test, etc.

For further information regarding autoclave/chamber design, manufacturing, commissioning or qualification, contact us.

Vacuum chamber for pharmaceutical plant

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