Superheated Water Sterilizer by Inoxtorres

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Our Superheated Water Sterilization Equipment for pharmaceutical sector

Our Sterilization division, recently created and considered as an important bet in this sector, is already paying off. Indeed, we have delivered with full satisfaction a turnkey project including a superheated water sterilization equipment.

The goal of such an equipment is to sterilize bottles with parental liquid inside for pharmaceutical sector, at high temperature (around 115ºC).

This project has been developed using high quality material (AISI 316LStainless steel) with stringent quality protocols (FDS, DQ, FAT, SAT, IQ and OQ). This autoclave has a cylindrical section, and on a lateral the technical zone withstand all the components and piping of the installation.

The main characteristics of this superheated water sterilizer are the following:

• Dimensions: 3.620mm width x 7.440mm depth x 2.950mm high,

• Horizontal doors with automated moving device,

• Pit mounted design,

• Instrumentations: fixe and mobil temperature probes, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, pressure gauges, filters, safety valve, photocells, etc… and Scada system installed for supervision, fulfilling 21 CFR part 11.

• Documentations: component technical specifications, CE certificates, material certificates, user manual, hydraulic test, welder certifications, etc.

A part from the sterilizer, we deliver complete automatic sterilization cycles to give to our customer a reliable equipment. In resume, Inoxtorres proposes equipment with high level of quality, an automatic control system, calibrated instrumentations, known brand components, security elements and all necessary instrumentations for parameter recording.

It shows the high quality of our equipment, taking into account their competitive prices.

For further information regarding autoclave/chamber design, manufacturing, commissioning or qualification, don’t hesitate to contact us

Superheated Water Sterilizer by Inoxtorres
Superheated Water Sterilizer by Inoxtorres

Our Superheated Water Sterilizer for pharmaceutical sector

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