An important Spanish Laboratory trusts on INOXTORRES for its new steam / superheated water sterilizers.

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Inoxtorres propose 100% customized pharmaceutical equipment

Inoxtorres has been chosen by an important Spanish Laboratory for the design and manufacturing of its new pure steam and superheated water sterilizers.

Its shows the constant evolution of the company with the products related to the pharmaceutical equipment. In that particular case, Inoxtorres sold several special sterilizer, offering a customized design.

Inoxtorres together with RSD Engineering, is one of the few companies in the world that can propose 100% customized pharmaceutical equipment, adapting the product design and manufacturing to the special customer needs, including customized quality protocols.

Trust on us for your pharmaceutical projects and do not hesitate to contact us for any enquire.

Superheated Water Sterilizers of Inoxtorres
Superheated Water Sterilizers of Inoxtorres

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