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New DiluFlow®

INTERSCIENCE is proud to launch a new range of gravimetric dilutors, the DiluFlow® Elite 5 kg , DiluFlow® Elite 1 kg , DiluFlow® Pro & DiluFlow® with upgraded accuracy and design. The DiluFlow® are dedicated to the microbiology labs to ensure accurate sample preparation before analysis to guarantee consumer health and safety in compliance with ISO 7218, ISO 6887-1 and FDA BAM standards. The DiluFlow® gravimetric dilutors, 4 new models to be the best solutions for your dilutions!


- World’s fastest dilutor : with a booster kit, the DiluFlow® are the fastest dilutors on the market. Only 8 seconds to dispense 225 mL! When it is finished the LightCode tell you from a distance the accuracy of the dilution: green, orange, red or blue.

- Ultra-low profile and robotic arm : we added a robotic arm so you can drop the sample safely and easily while saving time. The DiluFlow have the lowest bag opening on the market, allowing a better comfort and ergonomics, especially when you use the DiluFlow® in a biosafety cabinet.

- GeckoGrip system and patented DripTray: inspired by a gecko’s paw, the new Geckogrip material will hold the bag without pressing hard and will even stick on a wet surface. The patented DripTray can be removed to be rinsed, avoiding a teadious cleaning of the machine.

- 4 NEW patents including the stabilized BagOpen® for better measurement accuracy, the MultiDispensing mode for serial dispensing, the removable DripTray and the GeckoGrip System to hold the bag under all circumstances.


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