Hospital three function Manual Bed

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1. Bed framework, surface and leg are all made of premium cold rolled steel, and electrostatic spraying. Plate thickness is 1.2mm and pipe thickness is 1.5mm,.

2. Bed surface panel is of four foldable sections with arc soft joint connection, which is ergonomics design

3. ABS bed head, foot, screw handle with stainless steel and fire board. Stainless steel 304# foldable gas spring side rails


1. Backrest, leg, and height are adjustable by guide screw handle

2. Mechanical crank operation

3. Anti-crash system, protection bumpers in corners, central brakes

4. The screw handle is foldable under the bed foot

5. Loading capacity: 250 KG

Scope of application: Nursing bed, Patient room, Clinic


1. Four I.V. Pole

2. Four Drainage hooks

3. Infusion holder

4. 125mm diameter central self-locking caster

5. Transparent Acrylic head card.

Hospital three function Manual Bed

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