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Pure Perfection in Thermodynamics

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The PRESTO® W91 and W92 cover a working temperature range from -92°C to +250 °C. They provide up to 31 kW cooling capacity and up to 36 kW heating capacity, and they are robust and reliable even at high room temperatures up to +40 C. Highly efficient components in all instruments compensate for exothermic and endothermic reactions extremely fast.

Powerful, maintenance-free pumps deliver up to 5.5 bar / 80 l/min. They guarantee high flow rates with constant pressure and dynamically balance viscosity changes of the bath fluid.

The integrated 5.7'''' color, industrial touch screen of the new PRESTO® ensures high operating comfort and intuitive user guidance. Clearly structured display of values and graphs, all information at a glance, explicit and easy to understand warning and help texts – all these are only a few of the many advantages.

Multiple interfaces permit flexible application, e.g. control and regulation via an USB interface, data logging via USB or SD card, integration into bus solutions (e.g. profibus), and remote control across Ethernet networks or the remote control via JULABO''s WirelessTEMP solution.

Competent pre-sales support and access to additional services ensure that the customers always receive the most optimal solution to their temperature-control needs. JULABO offers its customers installation and calibration services, documentation for instrument qualification, and user training so users can start using their instruments right away and benefit from years of safe operation.

Pure Perfection in Thermodynamics

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