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Kiversal relocates to new headquarters

New adventures and challenges for Kiversal

For the last three years, Kiversal has been based at Barcelona Activa, the agency for local development sponsored by Barcelona City Council that fosters new technology-based startups by supporting projects and human capital to promote employment. Our contact with other highly inspirational projects during our time there has been a catalyst for continued learning and growth.

The time has come for Kiversal to embark on a new phase alongside the commercialisation of Audixi 10, our IoT-enabled digital audiometer that accelerates hearing screening procedures and reduces maintenance thanks to its instant metrological calibration system.

Our new offices at Carrer d’Àvila 50 are very close to our previous location in Barcelona’s 22@ district, an entrepreneurial hub and renowned hotbed for startups.


  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Kiversal