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New simplified calibration system

Safe, reliable and easy care

The new calibration system allows the Audixi 10 be fully operational.

It is not necessary to send the equipment to the manufacturer for maintenance and calibration operations.

Our innovative calibration system makes its use and maintenance easy and inexpensive by providing, in addition, a wide range of additional services to help you meet your control needs:

• Calibration with traceability to international standards

• Comprehensive management (via Internet) at different levels, including the various tasks required for the control of your equipment

• Collection and delivery of transducers

• Calibration advice

• Re-calibration deadline notification

For the first time, the functioning of transducers (headphones air, bone vibrators and high frequency headphones) and its calibrations are independent of audiometers which allows to share and exchange the transducers.

A very functional and convenient way of performing the calibration of audiometers and their transducers:

1. Acoustic calibration of the transducers: by means of the exchange of transducers with expired calibration at the customer's premises by an equivalent transducer with the corresponding acoustic calibration certificate. This acoustic calibration is carried out in the laboratory of KIVERSAL with all legal metrological guarantees and with traceability to international standards.

2. Electrical calibration: an electric calibrator is delivered to check internal metrology of the equipment with respect to the calibrator and, if necessary, it will be readjusted and re-calibrated keeping the data of both calibrations.


This automated process reduces services and maintenance costs of Audixi 10 audiometers while improving and ensuring the metrological quality of the equipment and the accuracy of the diagnoses performed.


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