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Audiometric booth: K- series

Elevate your Hearing Center with the Kiversal K-Series

We are proud to introduce you to our K-Series of audiometric booths, a true revolution in hearing test accuracy. With standard K90, K100, K110 and K120 models, and the option of customization, we offer tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of your hearing center.


An incomparable acoustic environment

Imagine a space designed specifically for accurate hearing testing. With its iron support structure and insulated wood panels, the Kiversal K-Series provides exceptional acoustic attenuation, creating an optimal environment for hearing evaluation.


Flexibility that adapts to you

The K-Series offers easy assembly and the ability to interchange its panels, giving you exceptional adaptability. This means that each cabinet can be customized to your hearing center's needs and preferences.


Unified style and functionality

The cabin's attractive exterior features a washable white melamine panel, complemented by highly scratch-resistant gray profiles. The interior is lined with gray pyramid foam, designed to reduce sound waves and provide perfect acoustics.


Compliance with the most stringent standards

The K-Series complies with ISO 8253-1 and ANSI S3.1 standards, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in every hearing test. In addition, it is compatible with all audiometers on the market, providing seamless integration.


Elevate the hearing experience in your center with Kiversal's K-Series booths.

Download the K-Series technical specifications brochure.

Or contact us to explore how we can customize a booth to meet your specific needs.

Audiometric booth: K- series


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