ARAB LAB 2016: Learn more about Color Up Your Lab!

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For more than 10 years we have been exhibiting at the Arab Health – the No. 1 event in the healthcare sector in the Middle East. Now, for the first time ever we are exhibiting at the German Pavilion at the ARAB LAB in Dubai!

After launching COLOR UP YOUR LAB in the Middle East successfully in January, we have received a lot of questions:

“What’s high pressure laminate?”

“What makes it eco-friendly?”

“What kind of laboratory furniture can be color matched?”

“Why is it antibacterial?”

Being the largest annual trade show in the world for laboratory science and instumentation, we are taking the opportunity of exhibiting at the ARAB LAB 2016 to provide you in-depth information about COLOR UP YOUR LAB and our complete line of high-quality histo-pathology equipment such as grossing tables, staining tables, preparation cabinets, stainless steel furniture and many more. One of our main goals is to provide you the best possible product information. With that goal in mind, we designed exclusively for our ARAB LAB participation a leaflet about COLOR UP YOUR LAB and everything you need to know about high pressure laminate. In line with the theme of laboratory equipment, you may also obtain our latest brochure about exhaust systems for histo-pathologies.

However, we are not only manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality histo-pathology equipment “MADE IN GERMANY” but also planners. No matter if you're looking for a partner for a sophisticated furnishing of an entire building complex or a partial fit out. We are your point of contact concerning designing, developing and planning.

Visit us at our booth no. 524 and learn more about COLOR UP YOUR LAB, high pressure laminate and its outstanding advantages at the ARAB LAB 2016!

ARAB LAB 2016: Learn more about Color Up Your Lab!

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