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The times are over when hospitals, doctor’s offices and laboratories were completely kept in sterile white. More and more often you see a consistent design and color concept in laboratories. From individual paintings to color coordinated furniture that matches with the walls, you can choose your favorite colors for your lab and to top it off, since the wood we use for our lab furniture comes from sustainably managed forests, you can also reduce your eco-footprint!

Nonetheless you may not forget that good medical support also requires high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. For that reason, all of our laboratory tables and furniture made of high pressure laminate with impregnated, thermosetting melamine resins, are additionally coated with the antibacterial Sanitized® coating and are hence hygienic and food-safe. 99,9% of the bacteria are killed in only 24 hours due to this antibacterial coating.

During production of these preparation cabinets, fine paper layers as well as a thin melamine resin film are applied on top and bottom of a wooden base plate. Then, the different layers are pressed together under high pressure and temperature of approximately 150°. Due to this special treatment, our cabinets offer a lot of outstanding advantages such as:

 Water resistant

 Suitable for damp environments

 Resistant against impacts and other external attacks (scratch-proof, shockproof, light-insensitive, colorfast)

 high temperature resistance and high resistance against most chemicals (ask for our comprehensive list of chemicals)

 easy to clean (Do not use any scrubbing liquids or sharp edged polishing tools!)

 antibacterial Sanitized® coating with silver ions

 approved for food contact applications (IANESCO)

Your have the opportunity to match your laboratory furniture with any color concept to bring color back to your daily working routine or to make a long story short: COLOR UP YOUR LAB!

Visit us at the Medica and learn more about the color play in laboratories and other eco-friendly lab solutions by KUGEL medical!

COLOR UP YOUR LAB! von Kugel Medical

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