Autopsy Saw HB 740 - no need for a cumbersome power cable!

KUGEL medical GmbH & Co. KG
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There is not always electricity when working with an autopsy saw. For that reason, we would like to offer you an oscillating autopsy saw, which is perfect for mobile use as it does not require a supply cord: our HB-740-Accu-250. This autopsy saw can be up to 60 minutes in permanent use before the accu needs to be changed or charged! A speed controller facilitates exact setting so that the oscillation of the saw blade can be adjusted precisely to meet the respective requirements.

However, should you prefer an autopsy saw that can be even longer in permanent use, you should definitely choose for our HB-740 with extra long supply cord.

Since the health and safety of employees are our top priority, we also offer you for our Autopsy Saw HB-740 with supply cord a versatile and compact vacuum cleaner with eco flat folding filter technique. This vacuum cleaner is particularly designed for suctioning/vacuuming toxic dust, finely divided silica and other hazardous airborne particles. 99.97 % of all particles are filtered from the exhaust air that are larger than 0,5 mü. Moreover, In Standby-mode the saw takes over the automatic switching on and off of the suction/vacuum function.

Ask now for our non-binding sales material und learn more about our autopsy saws and their comprehensive accessories!

Autopsy Saw HB 740 - no need for a cumbersome power cable!

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