Eco-line – For the Good of Your Employees and the Environment

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Again and again media reports about the waste of resources and the increasing pollution with different gases. These are topics that concern all of us. We have taken these issues to heart and created solutions that commit themselves to preserving energy and resources.

With every breath, employees of a laboratory run risk of taking up harmful substances such as gases, fumes or suspended particulates which may cause considerable damage to the human body. We created two solutions with integrated permanganate carbon filters which intercept, filter and purify efficiently contaminated air to counteract this risk. The key is: since the contaminated air does not have to be purified by a customer-supplied ventilation system before being directed back to the laboratory, you may reduce your investments costs considerably and even your overheads by up to 30%. This genius feature applies to two special working tables: the GrossPath GP-1500 and the Staining Table FT-850-AK-ULS.

Regarding the GrossPath GP-1500, it must be said that this is a grossing table that was particularly designed to for slicing and preparing histological slices. Thanks to its large permanganate carbon filter, the table can be in use for up to 800 working hours*. The filter can be easily replaced by means of an inspection hole in the table’s substructure. Moreover, contaminated air is not only vacuumed downwards but also backwards through the entire working area. Results have shown that the MAC value for formalin is significantly underscored.

The staining table FT 850-AK-ULS works according to the same principle. Additionally, both tables have a soundproofed exhaust fan which substantially reduces the noise level and even helps you to even safe energy – a key feature that we consider most important when thinking of eco-friendly solutions. Both special working tables are delivered ready for use. Hence, laboratory processes are not disturbed or even interrupted by annoying construction work. This means for the user: Plug in and Work!

* operating time varies between 600 and 800 working hours

Eco-line – For the Good of Your Employees and the Environment

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