Morgue Refrigeration Units with Sandwich-Building-System by KUGEL MEDICAL

KUGEL medical GmbH & Co. KG
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A while ago we introduced you our anti-microbial powder coating SmartProtec® of our morgue refrigeration units. Today we would like to explain you the advantages of our morgue refrigeration units with sandwich-building-system in more detail.

The main advantage is that the individual parts form a very sturdy construction by means of slot and key joints and integrated galvanized hook fasteners. Second and above all, the TECTO-overlapping prevents the collection of dirt and water which makes the morgue refrigeration more hygienic and it even safes money and time when assembling it due to the fact that it is not necessary to compact the morgue refrigeration unit with silicone. Moreover, you can “customize” our morgue refrigeration units as per your requirements and liking since you have almost no restrictions when deciding how many levels should be on top of each other and next to each other.

Additionally, you may choose from different models: morgue refrigeration units with doors or hatches, to store corpses on body trays or in coffins, etc. However, a combination of doors and hatches is also possible. All fittings and locks are made of high-gloss chromium-plated brass and to top it off, all doors and hatches have an emergency opener from the inside and can be locked individually. The produced cells are made for use at an in-room temperature of +2° C. Upon request, the cells can be delivered at a maximum refrigeration temperature of -25°C. A large range of accessories such as internal lighting, temperature warning feature (both visual and auditory), separation walls, tray downspout and many more is also available!

Morgue Refrigeration Units with Sandwich-Building-System by KUGEL MEDICAL

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