SmartProtec® Powder Coating & Seamless TECTO overlapping for morgue refrigeration units

KUGEL medical GmbH & Co. KG
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These innovative copper-ions have an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. As a consequence, this powder coating kills 20 % more pathogens than its predecessor SilverProtec® without impairing the cooling capacity. All of Viessmann''s TECTO Standard and TECTO Spezial morgue refrigeration units are coated with the eco-friendly SmartProtec® powder coating and guarantee hence the best hygienic safety and cleanness as possible.

All of our standard morgue refrigeration units are delivered with the innovative SmartProtec® coating. Besides these advantages, all of Viessmann''s morgue refrigeration units have a TECTO overlapping, i.e. a seamless connection between the individual elements. Upon request, the stainless steel floors are delivered with a lifted bottom tray to guarantee the best possible hygienic conditions.

Seamless TECTO overlapping

Viessmann Kältetechnik GmbH introduces the seamless TECTO overlapping which prevents the collection of dirt and water in joints and edges. In doing so, the individual parts of the “sandwich” construction are put together by means of eccentric turnbuckles. The exterior sheets of the walls are manufactured with a overlapping, the thermally insulated floors with a underlapping. Hence, the collection of dirt and water is being prevented. In addition to that, it is not necessary to compact the morgue refrigeration unit with silicone. This makes the morgue refrigeration unit more hygienic and it even safes money and time when assembling it. In order to put the hygienic conditions in the morgue refrigeration unit to another level, all hot-dip galvanized steel parts are coated with the antimicrobial SmartProtec® powder coating. Upon request, the floor is delivered with a bottom tray. It goes without saying that entire range of morgue refrigeration units is also available in stainless steel.

SmartProtec® Powder Coating & Seamless TECTO overlapping for morgue refrigeration units

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