Visit the European Pathology Congress in Cologne with KUGEL medical!

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There are only a few days left till the European Pathology Congress. Venue of this years’ edition is the Cologne, hometown to one of the most famous catherdrals in the world.

We are exhibiting at the European Pathology Congress, abbreviated as ESP Congress. This years’ edition will be the first joint venture with the International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology, abbreviated as IAP. This years’ motto of the congress: Predictive Pathology, Guiding and Monitoring Therapy.

We take the congress as opportunity to introduce our pathology equipment “Made in Germany” to the international audience of the congress. Our wide range of individual solutions is not only limited to the fields of histo-pathology but also includes all kind of equipment for the forensic and legal medicine. Of particular note are our grossing tables and autopsy tables with integrated exhaust air units. In this connection, we more and more often use eco-friendly laboratory solutions such as integrated permanganate carbon filters. One of our flagships from that area is our GrossPath GP-1500: a special working table for grossing and preparing histological slices. Thanks to its compact design, the GrossPath is particularly suitable for small laboratories. Moreover, results have shown that MAC values for formaldehyde are significantly underscored throughout the entire working area. This feature should be especially mentioned because of the reclassification of formaldehyde to carcinogenic and germ cell mutagenic by the European Union and hence considered by users in the acquisition of such grossing tables.

However, we are not only an internationally renowned partner for preparing and storing histological slices. More and more often, our customers ask us to take over the entire planning and delivery of their laboratory equipment. In such cases it does not matter if our customers are asking for a sophisticated furnishing of an entire building complex or a partial fit out. The main focus in this connection is on a perfect arrangement of working places and the compliance with governmental regulations. We are your point of contact for all questions concerning designing, developing and planning. We will work together with you to create a tailored concept that suits your needs, true to our motto “WE CREATE SOLUTIONS”.

Visit us at our booth no. 52 in hall 11.3 at the European Pathology Congress in Cologne and learn more about grossing tables, autopsy tables, exhaust air units and many more – We look forward to welcoming you!

Visit the European Pathology Congress in Cologne with KUGEL medical!

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