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This year we are presenting a very special innovation to the Middle Eastern market: the fully automated formalin mixing and dispensing station AFMDS-100 for contact-free formalin mixing and dispensing.

The reclassification of formaldehyde to carcinogenic and germ cell mutagenic by the European Union has lead to worldwide discussions among all industries. Especially in human and veterinary medicine, formaldehyde is used as preservative for biological samples making it one of the most frequently used chemicals in pathologies. Since the reclassification, various institutions have published information on how to safely handle formaldehyde and formalin like for example to avoid diluting concentrated formaldehyde with water and instead converting to ready for use formalin solutions and pre-filled vessels. This advice, however, is impractical for many health facilities. We have developed a fully automated formalin mixing and dispensing system for contact-free formalin mixing to tackle this issue. Hence, laboratory staff does not get into contact with concentrated formaldehyde and the formaldehyde contamination in the working area is subsequently reduced.

Thanks to its compact design, the formalin mixing and dispensing station AFMDS-100 is also suitable for small laboratories. All operations such as preparing a 3.7% standard formalin solution or a customized solution with variable quantities of formalin, water and a buffer solution are controlled through one single surface. The integrated microprocessor allows you to safe and recall your settings for later purposes.

After having entered the desired mixing ratio through the menu, the liquids are then automatically blended together. Additionally, the remaining solution is blended automatically 6 times a day for 15 minutes to prevent salts and crystals from settling.

The prepared mixture can be drained directly from a tap at the device or transferred to multiple remote stations that can be up to 200 meters away – a particularly interesting feature for laboratories with working stations in different rooms. The integrated peristatic pump enables you to drain the exact quantity of the prepared formalin solution without dripping or leaking. On the technical side, exhaust and ventilation technology has never been more important than now, especially energy recovery and filtration of pollutants play a main role. This is why the formalin mixing and dispensing station can be easily connected to the on-site ventilation system to ensure that all vapors are vacuumed away safely. Electronic and mechanical safety precautions keep liquids from overflowing within the tank to guarantee the utmost safety while the formalin mixing and dispensing station is in use.

Visit us at our booth no. Z3.B14 in the Za’abeel hall to learn more about our formalin mixing and dispensing station!

We look forward to meeting you!


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