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Mixed Sex Accommodation Case Study

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Solving the problem of single sex ward breaches


Mixed Sex Accommodation breaches are causing problems across the NHS for many departments, with real financial penalties of thousands of pounds in fines being incurred each month. The majority of Trusts can ill afford to payout for these real, chargeable bills.


The KwickScreen is a new solution to MSA - It is a retractable wall that can be fixed permanently to the wall or be portable on wheels. It can be quickly positioned between beds where men and women are beside each other.

As you may already know, original guidance on separation from the Chief Nursing Officer and Deputy NHS Chief Executive issued back in November 2010 required a floor to ceiling, fixed partition. However, CQC inspectors have since been permitted to exercise judgement in numerous situations where this costly solution is either impractical (most hospitals don’t have budget or space) or planned but not yet built. As a result, the past three years has seen many inspectors pass KwickScreen as a compliant solution.


Cost wise, unlike other solutions such as building work and ward relocations, a KwickScreen should pay for itself within a month. Due to the size of the fines (£250 per patient per breach per day) it represents a clear cost saving to the many Trusts facing breach situations.


Developed on the NHS Design Bugs Out programme, it is already used by over 160 NHS Trusts to combat challenges faced in Infection Control, Privacy and Dignity and Space Management cases.

The KwickScreen features a small storage footprint, has passed all infection control clinical trials, is flexible and extremely practical.


KwickScreens have been successfully used to address MSA breaches at a number of Trusts including:

• Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT

• The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

• Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

• Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust

• North West London Hospitals NHS Trust

• Epsom & St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust

• Russells Hall Hospital

“Patients and staff always comment on our KwickScreen. It makes dividing male and female patients hassle free, and it has also transformed our ward to a much brighter place.”

- Kelly Zakariya, Senior Sister, EDDU, Wexham Park Hospital

For more information or to make an enquiry please contact: • 020 8452 5975 •

Mixed Sex Accommodation Case Study

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