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Creating Easy Use For Ceiling Lifts & Hoists


Curtains used in multi-bed wards equipped with ceiling lifts/hoists often have to be moved or repositioned when the lift is in use. This means the privacy of patients can be compromised.


At the Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre, UCLH London, eight fixed-to-wall KwickScreens have been installed. These simple to fit KwickScreens are totally

self-supporting and don’t need fixing to the ceiling. This means lifts/hoists can be repositioned around the ward without affecting patient privacy. KwickScreen also works for either X-Y traverse lift systems or single U-shaped lift systems.


• Wall mounted and self-supporting, so moving ceiling lifts/hoists can be done without affecting patient privacy

• Quick and simple to install

• Can be installed around existing hoists, so no need for remodelling

KwickScreens at UCLH
KwickScreens at UCLH

KwickScreens at UCLH

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