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Creating Dementia Friendly Environments


Medical environments such as hospitals and care homes can be stressful and disorientating for patients with Dementia. Not just because they are

unfamiliar, but because often, everything looks the same.


KwickScreens have printable areas of 3m x 1.5m, so we are able to create life-size high fidelity prints to recreate environments that patients are familiar

with, helping to recall and evoke memories. The metal body can be painted in any colour to help with association and way finding.

A range of accessories are available, including signs to provide clear

identification of bed bays, social spaces and other zones.

KwickScreens can be printed with different seasonal environments on them to also help with recall and awareness.


• Low cost

• Distinctive reminiscence imagery

• Way finding

Printed Backdrops
KwickScreens creating a realistic lounge backdrop

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