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Neonatal Units

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Improving Privacy and Infection Control


Often Neonatal units are open plan, but patients and staff regularly want private areas for breastfeeding, expressing milk, skin-on-skin time, religious reasons and sensitive situations. Newborns can have vulnerable immune systems, so it is vital that the risk of infection is kept to an absolute minimum.


Neonatal units at Evelina Children’s Hospital, Yeovil District Hospital, Great Ormond Street and Birmingham Heartlands Hospital use KwickScreens to improve patient privacy and infection


At 1.9m high and 3m wide, KwickScreen is used to give immediate privacy for parents and staff. And because KwickScreen is simple to move, quick to assemble, and easy to keep clean, it drastically helps to improve infection control.

KwickScreen can also be made with transparent panels. This means staff are able to monitor equipment and patients, while controlling infection by separating areas at risk.

“We use KwickScreens to create a clear boundary for parents and to define each bed space. They are very good for infection control, when we have infected babies we section off the whole bottom

area of the unit with two of the screens to create an isolation bay. Our screens are opaque so they are really good for the privacy of breast-feeding mums and privacy of parents when withdrawing care”.

Claire Finnigan, Lead Nurse, Neonatal Unit, Birmingham Heartlands hospital.


• Quickly create a private space for

patients and staff

• Improves infection control

• Can be fixed to the wall or portable

• Can be transparent or opaque

Neonatal Units

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