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Natural modern barrier gel

Using barrier gels is the most common technology to separate opposing tissue plains

Scar tissue & adhesion are a normal, even necessary part of the would healing process.

• Adhesions are a serious & frequent complication of surgical interventions

• Adhesions are fibrotic tissue bands that connect tissue plains that are normally not connected

• Adhesions normally occur at the site of the surgical procedure and frequently develop during first 3~5d

HIBARRY is using pure cross-linked hyaluronic acid that maintenance a certain period in the body and is 100% biodegradable product. The product provideds excellent safety.

Using the high molecular weight and high viscosity undiluted solution, HIBARRY has the optimal role of physical barriers.

HIBARRY does not contain synthetic substances like CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose), HES(Hydroxyethylstarch) or Alginate is has therefore an excellent biocompatibility.


  • Enschede, Netherlands
  • Kyeron

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