Cushions for prone position (ARDS, Covid-19 )

Levabo ApS
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Specially designed for intubated patients who are positioned in prone position. Prevents pressure sores and allows efficient work through easy application.

The current situation with Covid-19 continues to reveal needs in the healthcare sector. As a specialist in the field of patient positioning, treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers, we have developed two pillows with our "AllUp Head Intubate DUO White" and "AllUp belly" which greatly minimizes the consequential damage when positioning intubated patients in the prone position and greatly simplifies the positioning. In the meantime, the cushion has become established in many hospitals, as it enables safer and more efficient work and can effectively protect patients from pressure sores.

The use of this cushion success now not only in Covid-19 patients but all around ARDS.

AllUp head intubate DUO white
AllUp head intubate DUO white

AllUp belly