electrical treatment chair by Likamed

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Product innovation:

Die SENSA® Flex – minimal space requirement with maximum comfort for patients

Die SENSA® Flex has been developed for the specific needs in oncological day-care hospitals and the infusion and transfusion medicine and is additionally excellent qualified for the use in general medical practices.

Die SENSA® Flex only requires very little space – but at the same time offers high stability and safety against overturning and is also certified by TÜV.

The therapy chair SENSA® Flex convinces with stepless, motorized position adjustment. Easy entrance and exit from the chair‘s front is patient-friendly possible due to the low seat height of only 56–58 cm and simplified through the adjustable right angled foot part and the present seat inclination.

Versatility and economic efficiency, the high patient comfort, with which even treatments lasting several hours can be undertaken in a relaxed manner, are characteristic for the SENSA® Flex.

electrical treatment chair by Likamed

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