LINLINE at the 7th 5-Continent-Congress in Barcelona

Richie Hunt
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Renowned doctors present their scientific research incorporating the MULTILINE™ laser platform with revolutionary RecoSMA® technology

LINLINE had the pleasure to take part for the second time, in this internationally respected event, the 7th 5 Continent Congress at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona, August 31st - September 3rd, 2016. The 5CC is the world’s leading conference on Neuromodulators, Fillers, Cosmeceuticals, Emerging Technologies and Energy Based Devices and is now arguably one of the finest educational & scientific opportunities in the world in the field of laser and aesthetic medicine. This year the educational and scientific forum welcomed expert speakers, aesthetic practitioners and plastic surgeons from all over the world. The presentations had an emphasis on the quality and depth of subjects covered in the scientific program.

In the Scientific Program Dr Mario A. Trelles (1) Honorary President of the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery presented his latest research - “A New Non-Thermal Acousto-Interferential Method” – research principally focused on the technical and scientific aspects of RecoSMA® technology. Dr Trelles further commented “We’ve been using the technology at our centre and we can count by hundreds the patients who are satisfied with the results”.

In the “Free Communication Abstract Award”, Natalia Volkova M.D (2) presented the findings of her study - “A New Approach in the Therapy of Traumatic Scars” – a more results orientated analysis of the RecoSMA® treatment. "RecoSMA® technology is the safest and most effective way to restore youth and the health of the skin”, says Natalia Volkova. “In just a few years of use, we have not registered a single case of unintended consequences and achieved the results that are simply amazing. Often they can compete with the surgical tightening, but it all comes naturally, due to the internal reserves of the body”.

Both discussed their achievements with new RecoSMA® technology and the extremely positive results observed.

RecoSMA® is a revolutionary new laser technology, developed and patented by LINLINE Medical Systems and is unique in the effect it produces, replacing damaged tissue with normal tissue. The procedure stimulates the growth of new skin cells in the epidermis, derma and subcutaneous cellular tissue.This brand new technology can be used to solve many other aesthetic problems, including skin rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles, age spots, skin atrophy, treatment of stretch marks, post acne scars and keloids. It is the world’s first “cold” rejuvenation laser technology – the temperature of the skin is unaffected and the process is pain-free. The skin is not injured and does not lose its protective function. The absence of thermal or chemical burns significantly speeds up the recovery process, which normally takes 3-4 days.

Our thanks to the Board of Directors of the 5CC for their hospitality and to Michael Gold M.D. the Congress President, the Vice-President of the Congress, Christine Dierickx and to renowned laser surgery expert Maurice Addato for their help and consideration.

LINLINE Medical Systems

Founded in 1994 as a research company, LINLINE ( is an international manufacturer of high quality medical laser devices for aesthetic, dermatological and surgical purposes.


1. Mario A. Trelles is internationally renowned for his expertise and contributions to laser advancements in medicine and surgery. He has held executive positions at numerous professional medical organisations, including present terms as Honorary President of the European Laser Association (ELA), the Spanish Society for Laser in Medicine and Surgery (SELMQ), and Honorary President of the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS).

2. Dr Natalia Volkova is a Dermatovenerologist. Her main field of expertise is psychodermatology, holding a doctoral degree, this is her principal area of research interest. She also has specialisms in Immunopathlogy, cosmetology and paediatrics. She has been a practicing specialist since 2008.

Richie Hunt

LINLINE Medical Systems


LINLINE at the 7th 5-Continent-Congress in Barcelona

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