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Demo at your desk - Floor Standing XRD - The Empyrean 3rd Generation

Malvern Panalytical
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Live Webinar December 18th, 2019

Join us for a demonstration of the New Empyrean 3rd generation X-ray diffractometer. Like no other system available, the Empyrean is designed for now, and for years to come. A fully automated series of 6 samples will be demonstrated using several different measurement types, including reflection geometry, SAXS, 2D transmission, texture, residual stress, thin-film reflectivity, and grazing incidence XRD.

The Optics enable the analyst a large variety of measurements without manual intervention. The predefined batch function with a data collector has the programming power to switch between measurement types seamlessly. The world of materials science is constantly changing and the life of a high-performance diffractometer like the Empyrean 3rd generation will deliver results that save time and effort, as well as, ensure accuracy of the experimental setup.

Who should attend?

- Anyone interested in XRD and the innovation of the floor standing X-ray diffraction platform

What will you learn?

- The viewer will receive a visual demonstration of the platform's capabilities and automated features. 6 sample types with several different analysis techniques will be shown

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Demo at your desk - Floor Standing XRD - The Empyrean 3rd Generation

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