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New Antidecubitus Mattress Synstat® Touch

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Three-module static mattress with a one-piece structure. The base module has a cradle structure with containment edges made of nondeformable polyurethane foam of the polyether 40S type with a high density (40 Kg/ m3) and high bearing capacity. The middle, antidecubitus module is made of Synergel®. The “soft-touch” undulating support surface is made of viscoelastic polyurethane 50S-VE with shape memory (density 50 Kg/m3 - medium-low bearing capacity).

The materials that make up the padding have an open-cell honeycomb structure. The three-module structure of the mattress with the middle surface and the support surface made of materials without shape memory ensures a drastic reduction compression on the tissues, optimum posture and comfort for all types of patient, effective prevention for low and medium-high risk patients and treatment for stage 1 decubitus ulcers.

New Antidecubitus Mattress Synstat® Touch

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