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VIVO I.C.U. bed

Massimiliano Medeot
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VIVO an electric bed for intensivecare units, with amattress platform in 4 jointed sections and height adjustment performed by high load capacity telescopic columns. The mattress platform of the bed incorporates an INNOVATIVE movement, the PAS (Patient Anti Slipping) SYSTEM, that OFFSETS the patient PUSH towards the foot-end of the bed. The footboard features a multifunction integrated touchscreen that controls the adjustments of the mattress platform and the inflation of the air mattress. The air mattress is pumped by a compressor integrated inside the footboard, easing cleaning operations and reducing the overall dimensions of the mattress feed pipes. With the lateral tilt , a personalised therapy for patients with pulmonary complications can be programmed. All controls are ergonomically positioned and signalled by immediately intuitive icons both for the medical staff and the patient.

VIVO I.C.U. bed
VIVO I.C.U. bed

multifunction integrated touchscreen

Lateral tilt

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