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What is the difference between mainstream CO2 sensor and sidestream CO2 sensor?

What is the difference between mainstream CO2 sensor and sidestream CO2 sensor?

We know that according to the different sampling methods of detection gas, CO2 detector is divided into two applications: CO2 mainstream probe and CO2 sidestream module. What's the difference between mainstream and sidestream?

In short, the fundamental difference between mainstream and sidestream is whether to divert gas from the airway for analysis. The mainstream is non shunted, and the mainstream CO2 sensor directly analyzes the gas on the ventilation duct; The sidestream is shunted. The CO2 sidestream module needs to extract the gas breathed by the patient for sampling and analysis. The gas can be sampled from the nostrils or from the ventilation catheter.

The mainstream is to directly measure the carbon dioxide flow through the respirator pipe with the mainstream CO2 probe and report the end tidal carbon dioxide concentration. The sidestream is to pump part of the gas through the sampling pipe to the sidestream CO2 analysis module to analyze the carbon dioxide diagram and report the end tidal carbon dioxide concentration.

Medlinket's mainstream CO2 sensor has the advantages of saving consumables, durability and high reliability

1. Measure directly on the patient's airway

2. Fast reaction speed and clear CO2 waveform

3. Not contaminated by the patient's secretions

4. There is no need to add additional water separator and gas sampling pipe

5. It is mainly used to monitor intubated patients who use respirator continuously

Advantages of Medlinket's side stream CO2 sensor module:

1. The breathing gas of the sampled person is absorbed through the sampling pipe through the air pump

2. The gas analysis module is far away from the patient

3. After transfer, it can be applied to intubated patients

4. It is mainly used for short-term monitoring of non intubated patients: emergency department, patient sedation during operation, anesthesia recovery room

Medlinket provides a cost-effective ETCO2 monitoring scheme for clinic. The product is plug and play, and adopts advanced non spectroscopic infrared technology, which can measure the instantaneous CO2 concentration, respiratory rate, end expiratory CO2 value and inhaled CO2 concentration of the tested object. CO2 related products include ETCO2 mainstream module, ETCO2 sidestream module and ETCO2 sidestream module; The accessories of mainstream CO2 module include airway adapters for single patients of adults and children, and the accessories of ETCO2 sidestream module include CO2 nasal sampling tube, gas path sampling tube, adapter, water collecting cup, etc.


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