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What are the types of disposable non-invasive EEG sensors?

What are the types of disposable non-invasive EEG sensors?

We know that the disposable noninvasive EEG sensor, also known as anesthesia depth sensor, can reflect the excitation or inhibition state of cerebral cortex, accurately provide the detection of EEG consciousness state and evaluate the depth of anesthesia.

So what are the types of disposable non-invasive EEG sensors? Now let's learn about it~

Disposable non-invasive EEG sensor with dual channel EEG dual frequency index for adults and children (original code 186-0106 for adults and 186-0200 for children); There are also four channel EEG bispectral index (original code is 186-0212). Both dual channel and four channel EEG belong to dual frequency index. The former is four electrode and the latter is six electrode. They are compatible with BIS module, but different EEG sensors are selected according to different clinical applications.

Now in clinical medicine, most of them use dual channel EEG dual frequency index. Four channel EEG dual frequency index is generally used in clinical research that needs to carefully monitor various EEG States, and so on.

Of course, in addition to the dual frequency index mentioned above, there are also EEG state index modules, entropy index modules compatible with Ge equipment (original code: m1174413), modules compatible with Massimo sedline (R) monitor and sedline moc-9 and sedline patient cables (original code: 2479), IOC anesthesia depth, etc.

These disposable non-invasive EEG sensors mentioned above can be provided by Medlinket. After years of clinical market verification, they have stable performance, accurate measurement and higher cost performance. Of course, if you want to customize a special disposable non-invasive EEG sensor, we can also provide solutions according to your needs.

If you want to know more about Medlinket disposable non-invasive EEG sensors, you can call us by email to learn more~

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