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The accuracy of Medlinket's blood oxygen probe reaches the "gold standard" to escort women, children and newborn pediatrics~

The accuracy of Medlinket's blood oxygen probe reaches the "gold standard" to escort women, children and newborn pediatrics~

Recently, Medlinket's blood oxygen saturation module, neonatal blood oxygen probe and neonatal temperature probe have been applied to a customer's independently developed neonatal vital signs monitoring mattress, which can monitor neonatal pulse, blood oxygen, temperature and other vital signs data at any time. At present, the customer's product has been officially applied to a maternal and child health hospital in Shenzhen.

During the clinical trial of newborn vital signs monitoring mattress in Shenzhen for women and children, compared with the monitoring data of masimer monitor, the measured pulse blood oxygen and other data can fully match the data monitored by masimer monitor, which proves the accuracy of this newborn vital signs monitoring mattress. This strength example also shows that the measurement accuracy of Medlinket blood oxygen module and blood oxygen probe is high, The customer also expressed high praise for Medlinket. The accuracy of blood oxygen is high and guaranteed, which escorts the newborn pediatrics in the maternal and child health hospital!

SpO2 verified clinically by comparing blood gas is accurate enough

Since 2004, Medlinket has been focusing on the innovative research and development of medical cable components and sensors. Medlinket's blood oxygen saturation sensor has passed the clinical evaluation of blood oxygen accuracy in the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University with high accuracy. At present, Medlinket has helped many medical enterprises successfully pass the clinical evaluation test of blood oxygen saturation.

Medlinket pulse oxygen saturation sensor has high accuracy and wide application

High accuracy, through many years of clinical trials in well-known hospitals;

Complete certification and passed NMPA, CE and FDA;

Good compatibility, suitable for most mainstream brands and models at home and abroad;

A variety of choices, including repetitive blood oxygen sensors and disposable blood oxygen sensors, which are suitable for adults, children, newborns and other choices;

OEM / ODM customization is acceptable. If you need access to blood oxygen saturation monitoring for a project, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with precision guaranteed blood oxygen module, blood oxygen sensor and other supporting vital signs monitoring sensor accessories.


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