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Medlinket's One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires is fast, easy to use and convenient to lead

Medlinket's One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires is fast, easy to use and convenient to lead

The ECG lead wire is a commonly used accessory for medical monitoring. It connects between ECG monitoring equipment and ECG electrodes, and is used to transmit human ECG signals. It plays an important role in the diagnosis, treatment, and rescue of medical staff. However, the traditional ECG lead cable has multiple branch cables, and the multiple cables easily cause cable entanglement, which not only increases the time for medical staff to arrange the cables, but also increases the discomfort of the patient and affects the patient's mood.

Recognizing the safety and comfort of patients and the concern about the efficiency of nursing staff, Medlinket has developed a One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires.

Medlinket's One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires has a patented technology that can directly replace the traditional multi-wire system. This single-wire structure prevents entanglement, is compatible with standard ECG electrodes and electrode position arrangements, and can eliminate the trouble of traditional multi-wire entanglement.

Advantages of One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires:

1. The One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires is a single wire, which will not be complicated or messy, nor will it scare patients and their families.

2. The zero-pressure electrode connector can easily connect the ECG electrode and keep the connection secure.

3. The one-piece type is easier to use and quick to connect, and its arrangement sequence is in line with the habits of medical staff.

Medlinket's One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires is more flexible, durable and easy to clean.

Product Features:

1. Prevent entanglement, can provide 3-electrode, 4-electrode, 5-electrode and 6-electrode one-wire lead wire

2. Fast and easy to use, European standard or AAMI standard clip-on connector, printed with clear logo and color

3. Comfortable to use, with zero-pressure clip-on electrode connector, no need to press hard to connect the electrode sheet

4. Standard electrode position and sequence, quick and simple connection of electrode positions

5. Suitable for adults and children

6. Bright green cables are easy to identify

7. It can be compatible with all mainstream monitors after switching the connector

Standards compliant:


IEC 60601-1

ISO 10993-1

ISO 10993-5

ISO 10993-10

Medlinket's One-Piece ECG Cable with LeadWires can reduce the time to arrange the cables, and it is convenient for the nursing staff to give the patient more care time. The solution of Medlinket's One-Piece ECG Cable will benefit you and the patient, please feel free to consult~


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