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Medlinket's Compatible Welch Allyn Smart Temp Probe provides a guide for accurate body temperature measurement

Medlinket's Compatible Welch Allyn Smart Temp Probe provides a guide for accurate body temperature measurement

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, body temperature has become the object of our constant attention, and measuring body temperature has become an important basis for measuring health. Infrared thermometers, mercury thermometers, and electronic thermometers are commonly used tools for measuring body temperature.

Infrared thermometers can quickly measure body temperature, but its accuracy is affected by skin epidermis and ambient temperature, so it is only suitable for places that require rapid screening.

Mercury thermometers take a long time to measure, and because they are easily broken, they cause environmental pollution, which is not good for health, and they are gradually withdrawing from the stage of history.

Compared with mercury clinical thermometers, electronic clinical thermometers are safer, and the measurement time is faster. The thermistor is used, and the measurement results are more accurate. The hospital is often used with a fast temperature probe.

Medlinket's newly developed and compatible Welch Allyn Smart Temp Probe adopts a thermistor. The technology is mature and highly accurate. It can measure two parts of the oral cavity or under the armpit. It can be used with applicable monitoring equipment to accurately collect the patient's body temperature signal and provide a diagnosis basis for outpatient, emergency, general ward, and ICU.

Compatible with Welch Allyn Smart Temp Probe

Product Advantage

★High-quality sensor parts,fast and accurate measurement of body temperature;

★ Spring wire design,the maximum stretch length is 2.7m,easy to store;

★Compatible with original disposable covers

Scope ofApplication

Used in conjunction with adapted medical monitoring equipment to collect and transmit the patient's body temperature signal.

Medlinket has 17 years of experience in the industry, focusing on the R&D and production of intraoperative and ICU monitoring consumables, and has developed various types of temperature sensors, including disposable temperature probe, repetitive temperature probe, body temperature adapter cables, disposable ear thermometers, etc. , Welcome to order and consult~

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