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Medlinket's NIBP cuff adapts to the needs of different departments and people

Medlinket's NIBP cuff adapts to the needs of different departments and people

Blood pressure is an important indicator to measure whether the body is healthy, and accurate measurement of blood pressure is very important in medical measurement. It not only affects the judgment of one's health, but also affects the doctor's diagnosis of the condition.

According to related studies, mismatched cuff arm circumferences can lead to high systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements. Therefore, for patients with different arm circumferences, it is best to use different models of sphygmomanometer cuffs to measure blood pressure to avoid pseudohypertension.

Medlinket has designed a variety of NIBP cuffs suitable for different groups of people, including a variety of styles for adults, children, infants, and newborns. It can be adapted to adult thighs, adult enlarged models, adults, and small adults according to the patient's arm circumference. , Children, infants, and neonatal blood pressure cuffs with various specifications to reduce measurement errors.

Classification of Medlinket with NIBP cuff:

According to different purposes, NIBP cuffs can be divided into: reusable NIBP cuffs, disposable NIBP cuffs, and ambulatory NIBP cuffs. When purchasing, you can choose a suitable NIBP cuff according to different application scenarios.

The reusable NIBP cuff can be cleaned and disinfected, and can be reused. According to the material, it can be divided into a comfortable NIBP cuff and a nylon cloth NIBP cuff. It is suitable for a wide range of people, and the appropriate NIBP cuff specifications can be selected according to the arm circumference of different people.

1. NIBP comfort cuff: It contains an airbag and is made of TPU material. The jacket is soft and comfortable, and it is skin-friendly. It is mainly used in places where ICU needs continuous monitoring.

2.NIBP Bladderless cuff: no airbag, can be cleaned and disinfected repeatedly, more durable, mainly used in general outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, general inpatient departments, suitable for spot measurement, ward rounds, short-term monitoring or places where blood is easy to stick.

Disposable NIBP cuff are for single patient use, which can prevent cross-infection. According to the materials, they can be divided into Disposable NIBP soft fibber cuff and disposable NIBP comfort cuff.

1. Disposable NIBP soft fibber cuff: The fabric is soft and skin-friendly, and does not contain latex; it is mainly used in open operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiovascular medicine, cardiothoracic surgery, neonatology, infectious diseases and other susceptible departments. There are a variety of specifications to choose from, suitable for different groups of people..

2. Disposable NIBP comfort cuff: It adopts a transparent design, can observe the patient's skin condition, does not contain latex, does not contain DEHP, does not contain PVC; it is suitable for neonatal department, burns, and open operating rooms. The blood pressure cuff of the appropriate size can be selected according to the size of the newborn's arm.

The ambulatory NIBP cuff is specially used to monitor ambulatory blood pressure. The cotton material is soft, comfortable and breathable, suitable for long-term wearing; it has a pull loop design that can adjust the tightness of the cuff by itself; TPU airbags are easy to remove and wash, and are easy to clean.

NIBP cuff monitoring blood pressure is a common non-invasive blood pressure measurement method. Its accuracy is not only affected by the patient's arm circumference and the size of the NIBP cuff, but also related to the accuracy of the blood pressure equipment. We can reduce the misjudgment by choosing a NIBP cuff of a suitable size and repeating the average measurement multiple times. Choose the corresponding NIBP cuffs in different departments to improve the safety and comfort of patients to measure blood pressure, make medical affairs easier and people healthier. Medlinket with NIBP cuff, a variety of specifications can be purchased, if necessary, please come to order and consult~


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