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The Omicron strain is rampant, and this portable detection device is especially important

The Omicron strain is rampant, and this portable detection device is especially important

According to U.S. media reports, on December 22, the Omicron strain had spread to 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.

In addition to the United States, in some European countries, the number of new confirmed cases in a single day is still showing an explosive growth. According to data released by the French public health department on December 25, the number of newly confirmed cases in the country exceeded 100,000 for the first time in the past 24 hours, reaching 104,611, a new high since the outbreak.

This mutant virus has also appeared in China. According to China Youth Network, as of December 24, at least 4 confirmed cases have been found. The first infected person in China was found in Tianjin, who is a closed-loop entry control person.

Image credit: World Health Organization

As the Omicron virus spreads around the world, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, the World Health Organization calls on countries to take action, among which strengthening surveillance and sequencing can better understand the mutant virus that is circulating. SpO2 and heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and body temperature are the five most critical health indicators of the human body. Especially under the global epidemic, monitoring SpO2 and body temperature is particularly important.

The "New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Treatment and Diagnosis Plan" jointly issued by the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission and the Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine shows that in the resting state, when the adult's oxygen saturation is lower than 93%, (healthy people's Refers to the oxygen saturation of about 98%) is heavy and requires assisted breathing treatment.

The sudden drop in SpO2 has become an important basis for monitoring the disease and predicting the disease. Some experts believe that regular measurement of SpO2 at home can help to initially confirm whether the new crown is infected. With the continuous deepening of epidemic prevention and control, many isolation hotels have also begun to use finger-clip oximeters to conduct preliminary investigations on virus infection.

With the advent of an aging society, people's awareness of health management has improved, and many elderly people pay more attention to health care. Use a home oximeter to monitor your physical condition after exercise.

The temperature and pulse oximeter developed by Medlinket has high accuracy and can still ensure its accuracy in the case of low SpO2. It has been clinically confirmed in a qualified hospital. Small in size, low in energy consumption, easy to use, and with Bluetooth function, it can be used for remote sign monitoring in isolated hotels.

In addition to the finger-clip type measurement of SpO2, a Y-type multi-function SpO2 sensor can be selected. After connecting the blood oximeter, it can realize rapid point measurement, which is convenient for rapid screening during the epidemic. Wide range of application groups, including adults, children, infants, and neonates; a variety of measurement locations, including adult ears, adult/child index fingers, infant toes, neonatal soles or palms.

Medlinket's temperature pulse oximeters are well-received in the international market. After purchasing our equipment, some customers said that the measurement data of the product is very accurate, which is consistent with the SpO2 measured by the professional nursing team. Medlinket has been focusing on the medical industry for 17 years. This high-precision temperature and pulse oximeter has complete qualifications and high cost performance. Welcome to order and consult~

Y-type multi-function SpO2 sensor


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