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Why is Medecom working with distributors?

Katell Berg
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Software solutions Developer for Radiology & Mammography

Medecom is a software developer company and has been offering its solutions since 2000.

Thanks to its strong distributor network and OEM partnerships & representatives around the world, Medecom counts 4 000 installations over 30 countries.

However to face demands and better respond to the needs for software solutions that meet the radiologists challenges, we are willing to expand our network.

Medecom is ISO 13485 certified and our diagnostic solutions are CE1639 & FDA marked. Interoperability and multimodality of our solutions are our strength to help radiologists optimized their workflow, and deliver diagnostic and precious time with their patients.

Medecom provides webinars, customers supports and training on our different solutions.

Take a look ath the video to get an overview on our corp of expertise and get in contact with us for more information!

Why is Medecom working with Distributors?
Why is Medecom working with Distributors?

Capability to offer our vendor neutral solutions worldwide

Why is Medecom working with Distributors?

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