Roberto Guarisco
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The new autoclave with automatic and door closure

Exactly 10 years have passed since our research center is developing and set to work to develop the class B autoclave, a work completed in 2011 with the presentation of the autoclave phoenix Blu

This year we have completely revolutionized our autoclave, with a new and modern Design. Our engineers, after several hours of study, have developed a design that blends modernity (of aeronautical inspiration) but still maintaining a distinctive trait of our company. Furthermore, an automatic door closing system has been implemented. It is enough to lightly rest the door, a sensor will understand this movement and automatically perform the mechanical closing. In case of need it is always possible to open the door, through the emergency opening.

The new software that from 2020 will be present on all our class B autoclaves includes 14 sterilization cycles.

The new PHOENIX B will be available only with the LCD display and with an integrated printer.

New Phoenix B
New Phoenix B

New class B autoclave with automatic and motorized door closure

New Phoenix B