Personal Connected Health Alliance

Peter Heiniger, CEO
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Medisanté became an Innovation Member

PCHAlliance is convening market leaders, innovators and industry icons to bring the best thinking, experience and perspective to solving tomorrow´s healthcare challenges. Its growing portfolio of members represent all sectors of the market, coming together to create the right technologies for remote monitoring and personal health tracking; to advance the application of new tools such as behavioral health, data analytics and artificial intelligence; and to support the widespread adoption of personal connected health technologies through interoperability and public policy initiatives.

PCHAlliance welcomed Medisanté as an Innovator Member. Cellular IoT will open new possibilities with Direct2Cloud connectivity that combines best of global tech with best of healthcare compliance.

Kick-off of this Membership will take place at the Connected Health Conference in Boston, where we showcase our Connected Care Service on the booth of PCHAlliance.

Personal Connected Health Alliance
Personal Connected Health Alliance