Memmert IVF module for in vitro fertilisation

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The IVF module, available from September 1st 2015, minimizes recovery times of CO2 content, O2 content and humidity after the door has been opened. The breeding unit with separate slide-in units is inserted in a Memmert CO2 incubator INCOmed.

Condensation and vaporisation must be avoided in IVF cultivation. The CO2 incubator INCOmed precisely controls CO2 content, O2 content and humidity. The active humidification and dehumidification, in particular, keeps vaporisation to a minimum, additional cultivation under oil is therefore not required. In order to shorten the recovery time of CO2 content and humidity after the doors have been opened, Memmert developed an IVF module in close cooperation with IVF specialists. The module has eight slide-in units and can be used in a CO2 incubator INCO108med which has been certified as a class IIa medical device for in vitro fertilisation.

The IVF module guarantees minimum air exchange with the outside since all remaining units are locked when one of them is open. The slide-in units can be pulled out easily with low vibration and are equipped with a pull-out lock. They offer space for a total of 24 4-well dishes, 24 large Petri dishes of 60 mm in diameter or 48 Petri dishes of 35 mm in diameter. The media needed for cell cultivation can be placed and conditioned in special tube racks.

The INCOmed interior including all installations can be sterilised at 160 °C.

Memmert IVF module for in vitro fertilisation

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