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GlucoMen® READY : The innovative Blood Glucose Meter in support of insulin therapy

Diabetics on insulin therapy need to regularly measure their blood glucose. This may be unpleasant in certain situations – but with the GlucoMen READY blood glucose measuring is barely noticed.

Simply slide open, measure within seconds, and get back to active life. So discreetly and easily can you measure your blood glucose today!

Change on the fly – replacing lancet and test strip cartridge

Make the all-in-one system ready to go with the GlucoMen READY Lancet! And regain independence for several days by the cartridge change with the GlucoMen READY sensor.

The innovative all-in-one system for an active life

The new GlucoMen READY combines exceptional functionality with an attractive design. Test strips and lancing device are fully integrated into the blood glucose meter and enclosed by an envelope, making it a real all-in-one system that fits into any pocket.

Important for insulin therapy: The GlucoMen READY meets the measurement precision requirements of the new DIN ISO 15197 draft.


  • Menarini Diagnostics