Leica Microscope With sCMOS Camera for Microscopy Imaging

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Mshot Microscope Camera MSX2

Mshot cooperated with a Third party testing institution,Shanghai biotechnology co., LTD.

To issue accurate test report, high quality image is very important. Our engineer recommend MSX2 microscopic imaging system,integrate with Leica Microscope. After the test, they found the camera's color reducibility is very good, 12 million pixels completely accords with the demand, the corner of the cell is very clear, customer are very satisfied.

MSX2 is a scientific-grade CMOS camera latest developed by Mshot. Peformance comparable to Olympus DP27, while has larger field of view. It adopts 1 inch large sensor with 12 megapixels high resolution. Features with low noise, real color rendition, rapid frame rate and high sensitivity. It is an ideal high quality camera for HE, IHC, pathological diagnosis such as liquid based cell analysis, immunohistochemistry, bone marrow cells analysis, etc,. Widely applied to bright and dark field view, phase contrast, polarizing, DIC, fluorescence microscope imaging.

Leica Microscope With sCMOS Camera for Microscopy Imaging

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