How to upgrade Olympus Inverted Biological Microscope to Fluorescence Microscope

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Fluorescence Microscope Solutions

Guangxi medical university teacher wanted to upgrade their biological microscope CX41. Mshot sales engineer recommended led Fluorescence attachment MF - BGUV - LED and scientific camera MSX2 - H - 12.5 million pixel imaging system can both apply to bright field and fluorescence observation.In the case of not changing the microscope, the actual demand of the teacher is well solved, the cost is greatly reduced, and the effect is highly praised and be affirmed by the teacher.

Olympus CX23, CX31, CX41, nikon E100E200, leica DM500DM750 basic microscope, compared with other models , because of relatively low price , they are the basic laboratory instrument. But the biggest shortage is its single function, can only do the basic bright field observation, but to get a breakthrough, they need to use fluorescence observation , and other functions.

LED fluorescence illuminator is special designed for conventional inifinity optical system biological microscope upgrade to epi fluorescent microscope. The fluorescence illuminator combines multiple excitation groups in one module to provide blue, green and UV fluorescence wavelength choice for customers. Also it takes use of LED lamp as light source, the whole illumination is more brighter, convenience, user friendly and cost effective compared with mercury fluorescent illumination.

Fluorescence Microscope Solutions
Fluorescence Microscope Solutions

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