To Be Your Best Choice of Fluorescence Microscope Solutions

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Fluorescence Microscope Solutions

After years of constant research and development and technology accumulation in fluorescence, Mshot has accumulated plenty of experience of upgrading various types of ordinary bright field microscope to fluorescence microscope , supply high cost-effective and superior performance fluorescence microscope solutions for many customers.

Not only Mshot independent-brand fluorescent microscope got praised by the masses of end users, Mshot has been one of the most famous suppliers of upgrading Olympus / Nikon / Leica / Zeiss microscopes to fluorescence microscope, to make a lot of old microscope with new vitality.

Recently, a U.S. customer hope we can upgrade their biological microscope which bought from a China listed company. After received the sample sent from U.S , Mshot engineers integrated this microscope with Mshot self-developed dual-color LED fluorescent module MF - BG - LED within a week.The customer is full of praise for the modified product, and satisfied the fluorescence effect.

This is another successful case of integrating China made microscope with Mshot self-developed fluorescence Illumination, since we already have plenty of experience of upgrading fluorescence for world famous brand microscope (Olympus / Nikon / Leica / Zeiss ).

LED fluorescence illuminator is special designed for conventional inifinity optical system biological microscope upgrade to epi fluorescent microscope. The fluorescence illuminator combines multiple excitation groups in one module to provide blue, green and UV fluorescence wavelength choice for customers. Also it takes use of LED lamp as light source, the whole illumination is more brighter, convenience, user friendly and cost effective compared with mercury fluorescent illumination.

To Be Your Best Choice of Fluorescence Microscope Solutions

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