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Sharing knowledge at “stay home” times –

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the Advanced Technologies Webinar Series

Education and the exchange of ideas have always been a driving principle of both Hocoma and Motek – especially during such times as we are all facing now. This is why we decided to pool our resources and, alongside some of the world-leading experts in the field of advanced rehabilitation technologies, bring everything into one place so therapists, doctors, patients, and all audiences at home can take part together.

Webinar series

The series comprises of experts from different countries and in different languages sharing their learnings and insights, as well as opening up to questions from people who want to know more firsthand.

Topics of the webinars include:

a) Why technology in rehabilitation should be the present and not the future?

b) How can advanced technologies help the recovery of Covid-19 patients

c) The future of rehabilitation: A clinician’s perspective

d) Breaking the boundaries of neurorehabilitation: Insights from the European Neuroscience Center

With more to be revealed soon.

People who attend also have access to White Paper reports and other materials specific to the industry and topics covered. And even if you cannot attend the live webinar at its set time due to time zones, each one is recorded and will be sent to everyone who has signed up.

From online to in person, the series seeks to inspire people to become more familiar with robotics, augment and virtual reality and other such advanced treatments for rehabilitation and then, after lockdown, to turn that inspiration into hands-on opportunities and event experiences with the devices to see if these solutions might be right for you.

If you would like to know more, simply register for the series through the link below.

Sharing knowledge at “stay home” times –