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Premium Functional Furniture

High quality, durable medical functional furniture that withstands extreme and intensive demands in everyday life, in clinic and care facilities.

Medical functional furniture can be under extreme strains in certain clinic areas. Not only based on safety reasons but from an economic point of view, it is most beneficial to make use of more robust furniture in these areas. A German medical engineering company designed an extra resistant product line specifically just that.

The very high-grade, high quality product line “Premium Functional Furniture” by mth medical sets an exemplary benchmark for a perfect combination of rigidity and durability in clinics, operating theaters and inpatient care facilities. The robust “Premium Line” design is a convincing long term solution and has proven itself successful in OR's and ICU's.

In particular the mth medical “Premium Line” distinguishes itself with the very high-grade, welded stainless steel constructions in contrast to conventional functional furniture which is typically bolted.

The mth medical premium line infusion stands and infusion pump stands, as well as instrument tables and a cart for suction pumps are an economic and top-quality alternative to conventional medically engineered products with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Moreover, mth medical is renowned as an expert in developing and customizing clinic-specific functional furniture, mounting systems and accessories. Accordingly, the innovative medical corporation also develops custom-made “Premium Functional Furniture” on request.


  • 42499 Hückeswagen, Germany
  • mth medical