Navadha® DualSim Clinical Practice Simulator

Navadha Enterprises
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Provides Realistic Design for Seamless Transition to True Clinical Practice

Navadha®, supplier of Dental fully integrated educational and practise simulators worldwide, is pleased to introduce the new DualSim a Pre-Clinical Practice Simulator. DualSim is designed to realistically create an environment for students practice & master dental skills in a true to life clinical operatory settings, preparing them for real-life dental practice.

It precisely simulates the patients, providing perfect lap positioning, 9 - 3 O’Clock neck positions, of the manikin head. And allows easy access to the oral cavity with facility to drain out the hand piece water. It comes with durable polyurethane coated thick steel construction providing a reliable yet aesthetically pleasing appearance. The unit comes equipped with handpiece connections to support easy operation of various air and electric driven handpieces. And a flexible LED examination light.

DualSim has a flexible position adjustment to accommodate students of all sizes.

DualSim Clinical Practice Simulator
DualSim Clinical Practice Simulator