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NAIS Makes Nice Abdominal Imaging

Neusoft Abdominal Imaging Solution

Neusoft Medical Systems has been known as the maker of the Open Bore Market Leader-Superstar 0.35T MRI system. Now its NeuVantage 1.5T superconductive MRI will greatly enhance the company’s reputation in the industry by its abdominal solution, NAIS (Neusoft Abdominal Imaging Solution), which has been proved to make internationally leading-class image quality through clinical applications by end users.

NAIS consists of several advanced techniques like NeuSENSE parallel acquisition and eFLI (Enhanced Fat Elimination Imaging) and etc. The NeuSENSE based partially encoding and enhanced deghosting technique enables enhanced coil geometry, which result in better penetration and reduced g-factor, and less residual ghosts and lower noise level are achieved through the more accurate coil sensitivity maps. The NeuSense technique also enables faster reconstruction, well balanced noise and artifact level and etc. While the eFLI mostly contributes to excellent fat saturation.

Backed-up by these techniques, NAIS makes high resolution abdominal fat saturation and diffusion imaging, 5″ fast hydrography imaging, and large-area, high-definition, dynamic abdominal imaging. As a result, tiny abdominal lesions can be scanned, benefiting patients for early detection and treatment. For example, patients of liver cancers will have far better results if they have received early treatment upon early detection.

In fact there is much more to expect from Neusoft MRI except from NAIS, since the company has profoundly enlarged MRI investment in MRI product line in the last two years, setting up MRI R&D center at Shanghai, which is one of the hubs of leading global talents. The MRI team are striving to make another leader in the MRI industry. For more information about NAIS, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and you are welcome to learn more at Neusoft booth , Arab Health 2017, Dubai.

NAIS Makes Nice Abdominal Imaging


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