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NeuViz 128 CT System

Remarkable Precision and Clarity

The NeuViz 128 represents the latest state of Neusoft technological innovation. The NeuViz 128 delivers increased value by reducing operating costs and improving workflow through the intelligent use of advanced clinical technology. The product brings remarkable precision and clarity to CT imaging. The extraordinary features of the NeuViz 128 include:

The highest resolution (24lp/cm) at the lowest possible dose is delivered by iHD (isotropic High Definition) technology and Quad Sampling with the latest Micro-STAR detector.

Achieve 1 mSv patient dose levels with ClearView iterative algorithms.

Improve workflow and increase your diagnostic range with a powerful workstation loaded with vital clinical applications.

The NeuViz 128 will be showcased at ECR, Austria Center at Neusoft booth X5/17 from March 2nd to 5th, 2017. Welcome to visit us for detailed information about the NeuViz 128 CT system and our other proved and promising medical imaging solutions.

NeuViz 128 CT System


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