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The NewTom VGi High-performance 3D maxillofacial radiology

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The NewTom VGi dental X-ray machine uses new CB3D technology to take an image every 360°, increasing the range of possibilities for image manipulation.

The unit combines a revolutionary flat panel X-ray detector technology with a very small focal spot of 0.3mm to produce the clearest, sharpest images possible. VGi features an adjustable field of view, which allows doctors to irradiate just the right volume, depending on the clinical application. The size of FOV can vary from the smallest 6x6 cm to the biggest 15x15 cm and they can be selected directly from the software, before the scan. Patient positioning tools include cross-hair lasers and a mirror for exact patient positioning.

NewTom VGi, is the first company to use the Cone Beam technologhy in dental field.

QR s.r.l. is the name that stands behind NewTom Cone Beam 3D imaging units and we were the creators of Cone Beam technology for the dental field. NewTom 9000 (also known as Maxiscan™) was the very first Cone Beam equipment in the world, which was installed in 1996. It is the forefather of NewTom product line and, in general, of the entire X-Ray units based on Cone Beam technology.

QR’s 20 plus years of experience and success in research, development, manufacturing and distribution of NewTom products affirms our commitment to excellence and quality. QR s.r.l. is based in Italy and all NewTom products are designed and manufactured by our group. Our products represent the Italian tradition of specialized manufacture and NewTom is known all over the world for its reliability, high standards and state-of-the-art technology.

The NewTom VGi High-performance 3D maxillofacial radiology

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