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Nimble's innovative storage solutions are here.

Our company is new but with over 40 years healthcare industry experience – the people behind it aren’t. We have a passion to innovate the ordinary and bring you products that look good, perform better and bring a smile to the face of the person using it.

Let us introduce you to our three product ranges.

The Nimble Storage System

Taking your outdated storage and wire shelving systems and launching you into the future with an innovative range that incorporates the 60-40 basket storage, with simple and easy to assemble wire shelving. With the addition of flat pack trays and wire baskets and wall panels - keeping your storage room organised has never been easier.

The Nimble Storage System has been designed to combine high density storage with strong and durable shelving. We have essentially taken the best of both worlds, from wire shelving and the modular basket storage, and combined them. The Nimble System allows for easy and flexible integration with unlimited options to suit your needs.

The Nimble Blue Shoes Stainless Steel Collection

At Nimble we have focused on the little design areas that can make a big difference. Every product has been designed to deliver a better experience to healthcare professionals all around the world. Why wouldn’t you want to stand out from the crowd with our smooth gliding blue shoes? Providing maximum stability and a better user experience, the fact that they good great are just that added Nimble touch.

Modular CSSD Tables

Designed to enable clinicians to configure the tables to their requirements, the Nimble CSSD table provides a unique flexible option. The modular system allows for the easy addition of accessories, while the robust stainless steel construction and smooth table surface creates an ideal surface that is easy to clean.

View the catalogue now and see the difference Nimble makes.

New Catalogue Launch